Tony Conrad at Hallwalls

Posted on January 24, 2018, 10:21 am
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Culled from nearly 40 years of Hallwalls’ still and video archives (1977–2014), this exhibition will serve as a prelude to Introducing Tony Conrad, the upcoming retrospective at the UB Art Gallery and Albright Knox Art Gallery, by showcasing a selection of performances and still imagery documenting Conrad’s decades-long association with Hallwalls. Performances will be looped and presented in the gallery alongside a photo montage of Conrad at Hallwalls. This exhibition is rare and unusual for Hallwalls, which more typically exhibits new works made by living artists directly for the gallery. But Conrad’s history with Hallwalls stretches back to its earliest years and continued over five successive decades. The digitization and cataloguing of Hallwalls’ archives—all of our archives, not merely those that include Conrad—has been a decade-long project that still continues and it is with great honor, reverence, and remembrance that Tony Conrad is the first subject of an exhibition derived entirely from those archives. Open in both spirit and presentation, Tony Conrad @ Hallwalls strives to be an evocative point of entry into the wider survey premiering in February at UB Art Gallery and in March at the Albright Knox Art Gallery before eventually traveling to ICA Philadelphia and MIT’s List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, Mass.

Exhibition:  Friday, January 12 — Friday, March 2


The Mission of Hallwalls

To recognize and serve a vital community artistic presence which is global in its outlook, challenging in its ideas, pluralistic in its concerns, and diverse in its expression. Hallwalls’ twofold mission is to serve artists by supporting the creation and presentation of new work in the visual, media, performing, and literary arts, and to serve the public by making these works available to audiences. We are dedicated in particular to work by artists which challenges and extends the traditional boundaries of the various art forms, and which is critically engaged with current issues in the arts and–through the arts–in society. Finally, we believe that the right of freedom of expression for artists, and for free access to their works by interested individuals, must be protected as a fundamental and necessary condition of our mission.

On January 14, 2006, Hallwalls reopened its exhibition galleries, media arts screening/performance facilities, and offices at Babeville (the former Asbury Delaware Methodist Church) on the corner of Delaware Avenue and Tupper Street, in spaces we are leasing from Righteous Babe Records, the building’s savior, owner, developer, and only other co-occupant.



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