LGBTQ Buying Power

Posted on December 28, 2017, 8:01 pm
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LGBT Purchasing Power Near $1 Trillion Rivals Other Minorities

The combined buying power of U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults rose about 3.7 percent to $917 billion last year, rivaling the disposable income of other American minority groups, according to an annual analysis.

The forecast, based on an estimate that as many as 7 percent of adults identify as LGBT, reflects the growing acceptance by society as more people are willing to self-identify, said Bob Witeck, who for the past decade has been conducting the annual study through his Washington-based communications firm.

By Jeff Green (Bloomberg 2016)



National Gay & Lesbian Demographics

Household Income

Average gay household income is $85,400 ($46,323 national average)

Gay Men: $62,000 single, $130,000 couple, 40% households over $100,000

Lesbian: $52,000 single, $96,000 couple, 36% households over $100,000

Gays are 3.4 times more likely to have household incomes over $250,000



93% have attended college, 71% hold bachelor degrees, 46% hold post-graduate degrees



91% are employed full time

56% hold professional/managerial positions

14% hold top management positions


Homes and Cars

65% own their own home or condo, average home value is $426,500

10% own vacation homes

21% own luxury cars, 27% own mid-size cars, 21% own economy cars, and 14% own trucks

91% of gays and lesbians purchase their car from companies that market to them directly via gay media or sponsoring gay events/charities


Children and Pets

20% of lesbians and 5% gay men have children under 18

83% of lesbians and 89% gay men have pets



88-91% use local gay media for purchasing decisions


Buying Power

Total gay and lesbian buying power is estimated to hit $1 trillion by 2018



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